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Second time lucky or not


Second time ever at Cook Street! Got to Cook at 1PM but it really picked up and was too gusty/funky for me. Hung around for a couple hours and the wind evened out enough for me to go for it. Had a good session and easily stayed upwind compared to my first time at Cook. Started to head in to land but a kite just launched so I did a shoulder check and turned for another tack but I didn’t see Helly up in the air just upwind of me. Our lines crossed and being the newb that I am I ejected and that sealed my and Helly’s fate. We made it to shore by the spiral staircase and chatted while enjoying our spaghetti. :-) One of my lines was broken but I helped Helly re-launch and then did my second walk of shame at Cook. (Two for two). I am determined to have a good session there where I land where I launched but today was not the day. Next time…

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