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Galway to Dublin


Our last day in Galway was short since we had to drive to Dublin for a dinner with my Aunt Christina. Nevertheless I was able to see the burial plot of my maternal ancestors. In that plot are my Grandparents and Great Grandparents. Thanks to Brian for taking me and the girls to visit the plot.  We also walked through Galway University.

We then had a quick walk through Galway to pick up some driving snacks which we found in a farmer’s market. With a coffee in hand we took The Rocky Road to Dublin. The drive was easy as the road is good.

We took some time in Dun Laoghaire to freshen up and then took a cab to Christina’s home. It was “chucking down rain” as we got in the cab. It turned out that more rain fell on this day (August 9th) than usually falls in all of August. The taxi driver had to go around temporary lakes in the road.

Dinner at Christina’s was great. In attendance were Christina’s sons Paul, John and Noel. Also in attendance were Gavin Young, his wife Anne and their 5 week old daughter Ciara. Paul Kiniron’s children Niall and Laura were there too.

cross-girls.jpg galway-u.jpg kitchen.jpg dinnerparty1.jpg gavin-anne.jpg cheers.jpg </p>