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WEST - Day 4 - Cliffs of Moher


The big drive of Day 4 (August 8th) was a trip to the Cliffs of Moher. The journey there was beautiful but challenging. Much like other rural parts of Ireland the roads were windy and narrow. From Galway, through county Clare, you pass The Burren. In 1681, Thomas Dineley said that “the Burren affordeth not a piece of timber sufficient to hang a man, water in any one place to drown a man, or earth enough in any one part to bury him.” It is almost like a moonscape on initial viewing but apparently is a unique ecosystem with plenty of life.

Needless to say the Cliffs were fabulous and happily we had sun for the time on the edge.

On our return to Galway we stopped at the hotel to freshen up and then went out to Barna to have dinner with my cousin Brian Kinirons and his wife Sasha and children Sam and Sophie. We were also delighted to meet Sasha’s mother Elizabeth. We had great lasagna.

At the end of the night, Brian took us past “The Gables” which is a house in Galway that my Grandfather had built for his family. It is a big house and it is cool to see some family history right in Galway.