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What a birthday!


Yesterday was such a great day!

In the morning, John and Sheila brought over all the food for a fabulous picnic lunch (including a chocolate birthday cake). We took the DART to Dalkey, and just past the amazing homes along the water, we found a beautiful spot that looks out to Dalkey Island. After our picnic, we walked through the cute town of Dalkey. We past a pharmacy with our name on it on our way to the fortified medieval castle where the tour guides are a series of costumed actors; it was great fun especially for the kids.

Siobhan and Jenette then took Athena, Tri, Sarah, Ellie, and Daniel (Jenette and Henry’s kids) to see WALL.E while David and I went to a very nice restaurant in City Centre: EDEN. The food was magnificent, the setting classy and romantic. David gave me a very special birthday present there too.

Then it was on to the pub, Palace Bar, where we stayed until closing. We sat upstairs so we could hear the live music, and it got very busy there after a while. We were joined by John and Sheila Shortt, Henry and Nicholas Windle, and Mary and Willie Young. Many pints were consumed and much fun was had.

All and all, it was a perfect way to turn … umm … older.

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