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yesterday and today


First of all, I can’t believe David posted about 40 foot without mentioning the Martello Tower or the Joyce exhibit … where are his priorities?

Of course, it would take less than the gunfire that it took Joyce for me to vacate the Tower after a few intriguing hours. True, the view from above is stellar, but those stairs are frightful, especially given that the only toilet would’ve been outside the 8 foot thick walls and below the ten foot high door! Buck must not have truly been that “plump”; only truly starving artists would live there. But thank heavens Joyce did.

The nearby pub had a very interesting owner and an even more interesting (albeit not that honest) posted menu.

Today we went to see how the other side lived. Powerscourt gardens are like Butchart with statues. WOW! Such opulence. We had perfect weather for it too. The trip out was a bit dodgy with David at the wheel on of a right-hand steer Mercedes (our thanks to aunt Judy for the car). The kids, who “assumed the crash position” early on, soon relaxed, and by the time David had to drive to our very fun dinner with cousin Henry and family, in their also gorgeous (just a bit smaller) garden, David was a driving pro.