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Day 12 - Lazy sea gazing



Location: Spartia, Kefalonia

Today was our second Sit-By-The-Pool day. It was rather windy, so there was more reading than swimming, but David and Triumph did spend a bit of time in the water.

David went out on a solo grocery run, but the rest of us didn’t leave the villa until we went for dinner in Spartia, our most immediate village. It was a family run establishment that served us, without question, the best food we have had in Kefalonia. Another taverna filled with Brits, these ones fascinated by the geckos on the wall. (There are so many animals in restaurants here: cats and dogs are de rigeur. And so many other weird practices, like having the kitchen on the other side of the road from the tables.)

After dinner, it looked like all the inhabitants of Spartia had gathered outside near the cafe across the street. There must have been 25 locals sitting out and chatting at 11pm.

It seems we are finally getting our bearings on these crazy roads. This was our first of many outings where we didn’t get even a little lost! Granted, we were only 15 minutes away, but still!