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Day 10 -Life in the villa


Location: Spartia, Kefalonia

Today we were truly on vacation. We slept in. Some of of us REALLY slept in (cough, Athena). We ate breakfast and lunch on the deck, read on the couches under the pergola, and dozed on the deck loungers, all the while soaking in the surreal, travel brochure view.

The biggest draw of the day was the pool. We swam and played on the floaters and with the ball. We all got a bit too much sun doing it (pink shoulders and backs), but no one got truly burnt, and it was loads of fun. It got windy late in the afternoon, which felt rather refreshing in the 32 degree weather. The pool deck is home to a strange three and a half foot tall clay swan. We’ve named him Leonard (after Cohen, who lives on an island not far from here). We think he looks better in David’s old hat.

We dined at one of the restaurants recommended by the British owners of our villa, a place called The Olive Grove in … you guessed it … an olive grove. The place was filled with Brits. Apparently, they love this island. We guess this is because it is relatively close to them (west coast) and has its own airport. (The villa owners had left us what they consider the “essentials”: a bottle of wine, some instant coffee, some tea, sugar, and biscuits.)

Strangely, our first waiter of the night could not understand our accent. Not British enough, I guess. He was teased for this by our second waiter. (You never have just one waiter; three or four usually come to the table in the course of a meal. And all of them here were young and male like last night.)

An early start the next day sent us home and in bed before midnight.