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A day in the countryside


We had an easy morning, with a bit of a lie in and light breakfast. We also planned our day trip to Pont du Gard. Kristine and Athena went to the store for picnic nosh while Triumph and I went to fetch Colin. We agreed to meet under the bridge because it sounds excitingly dodgy and is also a convenient place to park near our flat.

Once we loaded the vehicle, we headed north over the Rhone bound for Pont du Gard. A couple of wrong turns righted and we made it. It was a lovely warm day but windy and gusty. We went past many fields of fully bloomed sunflowers.


Under the arches of the great roman aqueduct, we enjoyed our picnic of salad, tampenade, olives, chips, hummus, berries and, of course, baguette. We then hiked about the Pont making it up to the top on both sides. Then we went down to the river for a swim.


There were many French families enjoying Sunday by the river. There were also many French teenagers, full of life, laughing and shouting and jumping off the bluffs into the river.

The Pont, itself, is spectacular and profound. To think of all the years that that engineered structure has stood there is simply incredible. With Canada Day still in my mind, I was shocked and yet delighted to see multiple instances of “graffiti” on the Pont dating back to before Canadian confederation. Etchings like, “Marcel was here. 1830”.

We loved our time at the Pont and here are some shots to prove it….

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Of course, we made our way home after a beautiful day in the countryside. We rested, and perfumed up, and then braved the streets of Arles for food. Arles is a friendly town, and we easily got good food and company for the night.

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It is our last night in Arles and my beautiful family is tired and fast to bed. I sit up alone making this blog, anticipating the last few days in France. Cassis!